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=SGA= Rules and Regulations

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1 =SGA= Rules and Regulations on Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:13 am

Professor Spellbane

Professor Spellbane
For the safety of all the students of Skyguard Academy, we have made rules to be made use immediately to keep a safe environment for everybody. Everyone is subject to follow these. Those who wish to disobey them, would have to experience series of questioning when he/she has done something that is against the rules.

These set of rules are UNIVERSAL RULES and will be followed around the forum. If you were looking for the INTRODUCTION Rules, please redirect to this webpage :

Our first priority is to create a safe and friendly environment for our players.
Failure to act responsibly and comply with these rules may result in the termination of your access to your account. These rules are for all Artix Entertainment Forums and other forums related to it.
There are also forum-specific rules posted in each forum that you are responsible for knowing and following.

Account Details

You may have ONLY one forum account per person. Do not share, trade, give or sell your forum account to anyone.
Do not share, trade, give or sell your game account to anyone. Do not beg for or offer upgrades.
Keep your account safe by keeping the password protected and updated.

Posting Behavior

Do not use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language.
Do not post illegal content of any sort. A partial list of illegal content is given here.
Do not prank, harass, flame, troll, or threaten other people.
Do not spam (advertising, bumping, multi-posting, off-topic chat, etc).
Post constructively - comments and constructive criticism are encouraged, whining is not allowed.
Do not discuss or post accusations of hacking/cheating.
Do not post AE game .swfs or about unreleased content.
Links to content that would be inappropriate to post on the forum are still inappropriate. Outside content is subject to forum rules when linked to from the AE boards.

User Interaction

Do not share or post personal information anywhere on the forums.
Do not pretend to be another person, such as a specific staff member.
Do not pretend to be staff of any sort if you are not, even if you do not claim to be a specific person.
Do not post for banned members, even if you specify that you are not the person.
Do not abuse the PM system by sending inflammatory or harassing messages to other users.
Do not post in a language other than English. If you do include other languages within your post, you must provide a translation.

Forum Moderation

Do not attempt to take over for a member of the forum staff or staff assistants (mini-modding). If you offer help or assistance to another user, please be courteous and include links and/or quotes when appropriate.
Staff (such as forum moderators) and their assistants (the ArchKnights and Squires of Order) have the final say, even if the issue is not specifically called out in the Rules.
If you have a problem with the actions of any Professor, please PM Professor Spellbane instead.

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