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Forum Update : Student Rankings

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1 Forum Update : Student Rankings on Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:39 pm

Professor Spellbane

Professor Spellbane
Hey there! Professor Spellbane here to give you the latest updates in this Forum!

1st :

I added some ranks and removed some of the useless ranks that cluttered the database system.

2nd :

I added new groups for Members to join.

3rd :

New Guides have been posted!

There are new ranks that I added, and i removed ranks because some of them were too useless and they cluttered the Administration Panel here at the Underground Lounge. So, here are some of them :

Skyguard Professor
What is this? This is the highest rank here on the Forums because the Professors have the total powers over the forums. They can ban, promote, or make your ranks more with one single click. You just need to impress them, or be careful when you wish.

Skyguard Forum Moderator
What is this? It's somewhat kind of a professor. It does it's job, BUT there are limitations to this position. Forum Moderators can manage these forums, but they could not BAN you. (We do that) Instead, they can report you to us. Once you have been listed in "The Black Dragon" too many times, that is the time you will be banned for a period of time. Forum Mods cannot also enter the Underround Lounge, unless he.she has been promoted to Professorship.

Skyguard Student[b]
25 posts
STATUS : Permanent Rank
What is this? This rank is the highest rank a student could have with Post Counts. What are post counts, you ask? Well, Post Counts are the number of posts you have done in the Forums. Once they h=get higher, you get a rank. And each rank you get makes your profile special. Why? When hiring Professors, or Forum Moderators, we are going to look at your rank and your post count depending on how high they are.

Skyguard Newbie[b]
2 Posts
STATUS : Temporary Rank
What is this? Well, it is the most basic rank you will get upon signing up. You must need to make 2 posts to get this rank. That shouldn't be too hard, won't it?

Oh! Look at the Guides Section for newly posted guides about AQW Gaming. If the other slots have not yet been filled up, you or a professor can fill it up.

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