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=Storyline Section Rules=

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1 =Storyline Section Rules= on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:15 pm

Professor Spellbane

Professor Spellbane
Whenever you visit the Storyline Section, please do take time to atleast view the rules for you to have a worry-free posting. These rules are somewhat identical to the Universal Rules, except that they are made entirely different and set especially for the Storyline Section.

1. When making a storyline, please observe proper series of stories. If your stories are separately written, it would confuse the reader,

2. When making a storyline, please do not observe plagiarism. Copying other people's Storyline Concepts might get you into court. Please observe originality of concepts.

3. When making a storyline, please do not include mean and offensive words, curse words, or troll words. If ever you have made a storyline, but did not follow this rule and does not remove the world within 24 hours, it will be deleted automatically.

4. When making a storyline, please follow the given format according to what type of storyline you are making. Let it be Quest Storyline, or Adventure Storyline, or Character Storyline/Backround.

5. Post them with a title that states what kind your storyline is and the title beside it.
(Ex. =Character Background= Isabel's Birth)

6. You may create your own characters to add in your story, but not those copyrighted characters. Especially AE Owned Characters. Remember that they have the power to bring you to court.

7. You may add names of weapons or equipment to your story, making sure that they are originally yours, and not from other stories.

8. Please use "English" as your language when making storylines so it would make it easier to understand for everybody.

9. You can PM a Professor to lock your post so that it would not be added anymore posts.

10. Enjoy.

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