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=Character Background= (Gabriel Spellbane's History)

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Professor Spellbane

Professor Spellbane
On a night of dark skies, thunder, and lightning, the wisest and strongest Magi of all of Lore met in the Legendary Tower of Light. They were talking about a Forbidden Prophecy which is about to come true on that night when the clock struck 12 o' clock. The strongest wizard among them, named Sephelios Spellbane spoke to the whole clan of Magi saying "The prophecy might come true at this evening, but we can still stop it from happening." Everybody knew that even in the worst times, he still kept a positive attitude. He was not worried about the happenings that had happened to him before, but this prophecy, he feared the most.

You see, this "prophecy" is a very dangerous one. Let me read to you the whole statement in the Book of Krynn.

An accidental prophecy which 5 dark wizards made, will come true.
On a dark, cloudy, and stormy night this prophecy will be due.
A prophecy that will make an offspring a legendary figure in Magical History,
But sadly, this happening will not be caged but will always be free.
For a child named Gabriel Spellbane will be born and be powerful,
But after that reward, his life would be very terrible.
Death's whisper would cause him to die one day,
And his whole hometown will feel dismay.

It was Eleven o' clock in the Crystal Clock an Sephelios was still explaining how he will execute the plan, and save his son from getting destroyed by the darkest witch named Miranda the Dark. "Eledron, Josephine, and Lyra, I instruct you to go from this place to the farthest destination you can find and let my son inhabit the land for a thousand years. Just enough to keep Miranda busy looking for him, while he gains power and is ready to fight him. You three will be raising him as a normal citizen at looks, but a true wizard at heart and mind." he instructed the 3 wizards. The 3 wizards, mercifully agreed and left with a slight smile. "Now you Ryle, Nova, and Nex, my three trusted friends, I instruct you to distract Miranda's army for a period of time, just enough for me to prepare for the last battle of my life." he said. "No. If you want to fight Miranda and her army, you are going to need us by your side." Ryle exclaimed. Then, Sephelios turned around and said "I was destined for this battle, and I want to finish her cruelty by myself. You can do a great contribution in destroying her, by laying of her never-ending army of Undead. Please." Ryle, Nova, and Nex were supposed to stay with hiim, but then three of them soon realized they were better of stalling Miranda's army first. They teleported to the kingdom grounds, and cast different spells, enchantments, and sorcery to the army of Undead.

Sephelios, being courageous had prepared his finest staff, The Universal Staff of Salarine. He prayed to the gods that they would bless him their power, wisdom, and health while battling with the fiercest witches in Magical History. He dressed in his most elegant robes made from Premium Silk, and the necklace given to him by her long deceased wife, Airelle Spellbane. Soon enough, we all know that Ryle, Nova, and Nex's forces would weaken and finally Miranda could walk over them like a giant, and fight Sephelios. You thought well, that did happen. But, there was a mystery why Miranda was stunned for an hour before fighting Sephelios. A large strike of Lightning, Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind hit her. Then, followed by strikes of Sun and Shadows. Sephelios was also amazed at this happening, and suspected the gods for doing this. Actually, it weren't them. As Eledron, Josephine, and Lyra were travelling across galaxies, and galaxies, they felt that the war was getting nearer. They heard the loud thunders happening across all the galaxies, and so did the offspring. Usually, offsprings from the Magic Galaxy could already open their eyes, and feel what was going on around them, but not cast a spell which Sephelios could only cast. Gabriel wish his tiny fingers, casted the Prime Elemental Spells which summoned the Prime Elemental Dragon's attentions and attacked Miranda's body which cause her to be stunned.

Finally, Miranda reached Sephelios' chambers. "Now is the time. Less talking, and more smashing of you." exclaimed Miranda. Sephelios laughed slightly and then replied "You...first." They cast their most basic spells first, which each of them blocked then proceeded with their strongest spells. "Eseti Jemil Hackuyei Tamashi!" Miranda chanted, and soon the most deadliest beast that were inside the Underworld were released. Which then caused the death of Sephelios which was known by everyone becaus of a signal, Gabriel Spellbane cried.

The 3 magi tried to stop Gabriel Spellbane from crying, but still could not do it. His father died. So, they just proceeded on with their travelling and finally reached Earth. They were doubtful about what they were doing, and wanted to come back. But if they had, who would they turn to? They knew that soon enough Ryle, Nova and Nex would be in Miranda's evil reign. So all they did was magically pop up a safe, and elegant house for them to live in. Human-ish on the outside, Magically on the inside. You see, they tried to live as normal as possible, but they really wanted to train Gabriel Spellbane for his grand quest.

"Impossible! How did they escape from the millions and millions of my undead army? I surrounded the whole kingdom with them! This is just preposturous!" angrily said by Miranda the Dark while smashing statues in her newly invaded kingdom.

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