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=SGA= Rules and Regulations for Siggy Shops (Cute Version! ^.^)

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Skyguard Professor
Skyguard Professor
Since I have been put in-charge of this board of the Forums, I must set up some rules to be followed so there will be less chaos that is happening around. But, don't worry. This post wouldn't take long, and it's a cute version of the real one! ^.^

  • When making signatures, please do not add any gross pictures into the made signature. If done so, both the maker and the user's signatures will be removed temporarily.
  • We accept any character to be put in the signatures.
  • The maker of the signature can put their credits/watermark on the said signature to state that it is theirs.
  • The only person with a UNICORN SIGNATURE is ME.
  • When requesting for a signature, please do it one at a time, for we know that the makers of these kind of stuff have more important things to deal with in real life.
  • If you would want to comment, please do so. Any negative comments like "it sucks" or "this is freakin' ugly" will be removed by the Thread Administrator.

See? That wasn't so bad...

~Audrey the Huntress


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