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=SGA= Unofficial Contest 1 - Most Awesome Skyguard Poster Making Contest

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Professor Spellbane

Professor Spellbane
NOTICE : This contest is still unofficial, so we are not yet awarding any prizes or points. Please try to keep up with the posts posted here, so you won't have to be left out.

Contest Title : Most Awesome Skyguard Poster Making Contest
Contest Start Date : 4/11/12 (April 11, 2012)
Contest Participants : ALL Skyguard Students
Contest Rewards : Not Yet Available
Contest Rules : Stated Below


  • You must not copy any artwork done by any of the contestant who've submitted their posters. Once seen copying, your artwork will be automatically removed and you will be advised to make another one.

  • You must only limit the use of characters to 10. This makes the artwork easier to look at, and consumes only a few spaces.

  • The only words you can put inside the poster are either of these three :
  • Skyguard Academy
  • AQW Skyguard Academy
  • Skyguard Academy Poster Making Contest

  • Please choose a design that is not too messy to look at. A simple design is enough for us to judge.

  • Please do not bargain any of the judges to let your artwork win the contest. Any activities done like this will get your artwork removed immediately.

  • Please choose a font that is not too complicated. Some fonts that are complicated are hard to read, and will not be good for judging.

  • The deadline for posters will be when we already have chosen the Chosen 10.

  • When we have chosen the posters to be inside the Chosen 10, we will let you choose between the 10 of them to proceed next into the Chosen 5.

  • There will be 3 winners. The Grand Winner, The 2nd Winner, The 3rd Winner.

  • You must only post the artworks to the Group for this is only a group contest.

  • You can put credits in the description of the photo only and not inside the picture.

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