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=SGA= Rules for Avatar Shops

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1 =SGA= Rules for Avatar Shops on Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:16 am

Professor Spellbane

Professor Spellbane
Since I am the Head Administrator of the Forums, I am assigned to be moderating this board of the Forums. I expect you guys to follow the rules so we won't get in any trouble.

NOTE : Since it is still Beta Stage, I will allow the made avatars and signatures to be your official Avatar. But, once Beta Stage has passed, I will not allow made avatars to be your official avatar. It will be posted in the Avatar Gallery, and it will be shared with everyone in the forums, but only if you want to.

  • Because this is an AQW-based Forum, I do not allow avatars with non-AE related pictures.
    Please make sure the pictures are ALL AE related.

  • Please make your avatar, with an acceptable size. I will post it on the Avatar Gallery if I find
    it acceptable.

  • Please do not abuse your avatar rights. Please change your avatar twice a week, or 5
    times a month.

  • Please do not include words that may offend, harass, or gross other people out. If done,
    the avatar will be automatically deleted.

  • Please request your avatar with polite manners. If not done politely, your requst will
    be deleted by a Moderator.

  • You may only receive your made avatar from the Shop Directors. If you received a PM
    from another unknown forum member, please do not accept it from him/her.

  • TO THE SHOP DIRECTORS : Please do not post links that contain viruses, or malware.
    If you had been using linkbucks, it would be accepted.

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